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The Assertive Solutions self-defense class for kids is based on decades of specialized training, and it combines dozens of protection techniques. The program uniquely incorporates simulated threats so your child experiences real-world training. This will better equip him/her to handle scary and life-threatening situations.


The class gives young ones the confidence to defuse a bully’s aggression, spot and avoid a potential abduction, and physically fend off a would-be attacker. We do this by conditioning the use of assertive verbal skills and body language. By teaching children how to assertively communicate with words and body language, they have options in a challenging situation.


We guarantee our Assertive Kidz Program will instill in every child the confidence and skills to avoid violence!

In Just 2 Hours, Children Learn To:


  • Assess the level of threat and react appropriately

  • Detect the threat of child abduction and act accordingly

  • Escape the grasp of a would-be attacker

  • De-escalate a bully's aggression

  • Set and enforce verbal and physical boundaries

  • Assert themselves with a strong voice and confident body language



Anti-Bullying Training 


Using non-violent strategies, children learn how to effectively avoid violence by de-escalating a bully's aggression. Your child will learn to:


  • Assess the threat and necessary defense (and how NOT to fight!)

  • Set boundaries against unwanted touch or attention

  • De-escalate a bully's aggression

  • Assert themselves with a strong voice and body language

  • Avoid playground altercations

  • Handle name-calling and teasing

  • Protect their personal space and belongings 



"Stranger-Danger" Training 


This experience conditions your child's awareness of adult predators, making him or her less likely to be a victim. Your child will gain:


  • Awareness of the threat of abduction and unwanted advances

  • How to use his/her voice and body language to deter an abductor or predator

  • How to physically escape the grasp of an abductor or predator

  • Home safety skills

  • Getting lost prevention and checklist, including knowing names, phone numbers, etc. 



More Info About the Class:


Price: $99 per child

Training Duration: 2 hours

Appointment Type: Group training by appointment 

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Age: 5 to 12 years old 

We cannot say enough good things about this class! We especially loved how inspirational

and positive it was for our girls. They learned self-respect and respect for others in their

actions and through their body language, awareness and valuable techniques

on how to defend themselves. Chris did a great job relating to each kid in the class.

We highly recommend every child take this class.


-- Vicki Schuppe (parent)