The Adrenalizer

7506 E 36th Ave 

Denver, CO 80238

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Fueling Confidence Through

Fitness & Self-Defense

From personal training to self-defense classes, The Adrenalizer offers services that empower mind, body and spirit. We train adults and youth in private and group settings in Denver, Colorado. 



for adults

The Adrenalizer's adult self-defense class prepares you for real-life hazards, from verbal to physical assault. This program conditions your body and mind so you build the confidence and skills to handle tough situations. 

for kids

Our goal is to help kids diffuse unwanted situations (i.e. bullying) and protect themselves in dangerous ones. We do this by teaching a combination of physical skills and assertive

 communication techniques.  



The Adrenalizer's one-on-one fitness training is designed to engage the body and mind. Each session is personalized to you, creating a dynamic and energetic fusion of martial arts, kickboxing, boxing and weight training.