The Adrenalizer - It's About The Way You're Gonna Feel!
The Adrenalizer -- Denver's best personal trainer -- will challenge you to live your life with passion and confidence.Our mission at The Adrenalizer is to empower and inspire passion, confidence and a renewed zest for life. 

"You have no idea about the nature of a training session led by a Personal Trainer with a Martial Arts background 
in comparison to what you envision doing in a 
typical workout along side a Personal Trainer in a 
"Big Box" gym.

"This will become what you crave, has every time before you.

Each and every session will make you more capable and confident than you were before.

It matters not your fitness level or how old you are.

No one has ever not come back for more!"

- Chris Williams, 
The Adrenalizer 

Special Offer...

Spend an hour with The Adrenalizer, on us.
You will have a different idea about fitness, guaranteed.

Should you enjoy your training session, you will receive 
great discounts in training rates up to 40%
with training commitment. 

Empowering yourself to handle anything that comes your way is merely a phone call away...

Are You Confident You Can Handle Any Confrontation?
This could be the most valuable few hours 
you'll ever spend doing anything!

judy assertive2

Our safety and well being is supposed to be our priority...

This 1 time program is the most valuable learning experience existent!

Please join us at our new location, 
 at Colorado Blvd & Exposition
for the most valuable lesson of your life! 


 Adults and Teens 12 and Up!

  • Handle Bullies and Work Place Conflict Assertively
  • Confidently Avoid an Attack
  • Defend Yourself In Any Life Threatening Situation

Our Safety & Awareness training for children is the best assurance a parent can have that their children will have the confidence and skills to handle bullying and avoid childhood abduction!


Showing children that they 
possess the skills necessary to 
avoid violence and physical harm by asserting themselves...


Classes forming now with limited space available!


 to schedule your private group seminar! 

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